Exploring Mayan Culture

img_0984I’d like to say Julia has always been interested in exploring her roots. But I’d be
lying.  She’s more interested in exploring the inventory at Forever 21.

But she does love to travel and we all had a great time exploring the Mayan ruins inTulum Mexico.

Julia had a bad experience learning Spanish in school, so she doesn’t speak a word.  This is most unfortunate.  It’s a situation she tells us she wants to correct in college.

Meantime off to Guatemala we go, with my rusty Spanish from high school and our smartphones loaded with translation apps.  Muy muy mal.

People often ask me if Julia ever got mad and threatened to go back to Guatemala.

Yes.  Once.

She was just a toddler, and she was pissed at us for some reason, and she said “I’m gonna take a taxi to the airport and go back to Guatemala!!!”

Well of course we got hysterical laughing!  At least she figured out how she’d get to the airport!

Our journey begins in two days!